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Platform to allow businesses to create and deploy custom chatbots to improve customer engagement and support.
Address 50% of customer queries in an instant.

Meet TaggoAI, our revolutionary AI chatbot leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide secure, precise responses that promptly resolve customer questions, effectively reducing your team's ticket volume.

What stood out most in the inbox was its speed. We observed a 15% boost in the volume of managed conversations
Jennifer PhamManaging Partner, WINK.
Energize Your Business Content

TaggoAI offers a production-ready support solution, delivering the capabilities of a full support staff at a cost-effective scale.

Input DataUpload relevant content such as documents (Docx, Pdf), Website data, or other sources to provide information for the chatbot's knowledge base.
Training ProcessTrain the AI chatbot using the integrated content and additional training materials, refining its understanding of language patterns and responses through iterative learning processes.
DeploymentDeploy the trained chatbot across desired platforms such as website widgets, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, etc., ensuring accessibility to users and maximizing its utility.
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