Use Cases

Implement Internally to Enhance Employee Productivity.

Integrate on Your Website to Enhance Customer Engagement and Boost Sales.

Customer Support

Assist customers in resolving issues, answering FAQs, providing troubleshooting steps, and escalating complex problems to human agents if necessary.A customer contacts a company's chatbot to inquire about the status of their order. The chatbot provides real-time updates on the order's location and estimated delivery time.

Information Retrieval

Provide users with quick access to information such as product details, company policies, pricing, and general knowledgeA student interacts with a university's virtual agent to obtain information about admission requirements, course schedules, and tuition fees

Appointment Scheduling

Enable users to schedule appointments, book reservations, and manage their calendar efficientlyA patient interacts with a healthcare chatbot to schedule an appointment with their doctor, specifying the preferred date and time.

Lead Generation and Sales

Engage potential customers, qualify leads, and provide relevant information to encourage conversions A chatbot on an e-commerce website assists users in finding products, provides detailed product information, and guides them through the purchasing process.

Employee Assistance

Support employees by providing HR-related information, answering policy queries, and facilitating internal processesAn employee interacts with a company's virtual agent to request time off, access training materials, or report an IT issue

Feedback Collection

Gather feedback from users regarding products, services, user experience, and overall satisfactionA customer engages with a chatbot after completing a purchase to provide feedback on the product quality, delivery experience, and customer service.

Eliminate Inputs

Bid farewell to awkward chatbot encounters. TaggoAI is well-versed in everything on your website or helpdesk

Human-like Conversations

Customers express their needs naturally, receiving precise responses grounded in your helpdesk articles.

Brand Voice Responses

Tailored to your brand, each response embodies your distinctive content, expertise, and brand voice.

Revolutionize Conversions with TaggoAI

Experience accelerated sales through AI-driven lead generation. Enhance pre-sales support with personalized responses, reducing response times and boosting conversions.
Meet your chatbot agent

Revolutionize Conversions with TaggoAI

Continuous Support, Anytime, Anywhere:

Ensure top-notch customer support around the clock with instantaneous responses. Our AI chatbot is here 24/7/365 to elevate your customer service experience.

Efficient Ticket Resolution Automation

Streamline your support processes by automating responses to a wide range of support tickets. Let our AI chatbot handle the bulk of inquiries, ensuring faster and more efficient ticket resolution.

Double Your Support Team's Productivity

Enhance the productivity of your existing support team twofold. With our AI chatbot in place, your team can focus on more complex tasks while the chatbot handles routine inquiries seamlessly.
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