Empower Your Own AI Chatbot Deployment

Ready to elevate your customer interactions and streamline your processes? Explore the endless possibilities with TaggoAI. Try our platform today and experience the future of AI-driven customer engagement!
How to get started

It only takes a few clicks to start working closely with vendors, customers and more

1. Input Data

Share your training data effortlessly by submitting your URL for TaggoAI to scan, uploading files, or simply pasting raw text content.

2. Easy Installation

Seamlessly integrate TaggoAI on various platforms—your marketing site, in-app, help center—by embedding the chatbot wherever you need it.

3. Continuous Improvement

Enhance your chatbot's performance by utilizing real chat history. Provide feedback to refine and optimize its responses with each interaction, ensuring constant improvement.

Empower Your Own AI Chatbot Deployment

TaggoAI offers a production-ready support solution, delivering the capabilities of a full support staff at a cost-effective scale.

Launch Your AI Chatbot with Ease

Discover TaggoAI, a cost-effective and efficient AI chatbot solution, designed to handle the workload of an entire support team.
Chat Box

Conversation Logs:

Effortlessly track and review your chatbot interactions with detailed conversation logs for valuable insights and analysis.

Prompt Suggestions:

Enhance user engagement with intelligent prompt suggestions, guiding seamless and relevant conversations.

Transition to Human Support:

Smoothly escalate interactions to human support when needed, ensuring a personalized and effective customer experience.

Lead Generation:

Convert website visitors into valuable leads using TaggoAI's lead generation capabilities. Capture and qualify leads through automated interactions, providing a frictionless experience for potential customers.

Language Support:

TaggoAI offers multilingual support, breaking down language barriers and enabling businesses to connect with a global audience.

Customize Chatbot:

Customize the appearance of TaggoAI by incorporating your company logo, ensuring a branded and cohesive customer experience. Personalize the visual elements of TaggoAI to match your brand colors, creating a seamless integration with your existing brand identity.
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